HP Graphite electrode

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HP graphite electrode is made of needle coke imported from Japan,USA , the production process of the graphite electrode is crushing, sieving, ingredients, kneading, molding, baking, high-pressure impregnation, the second roasting, graphitization and machining process, the nipples of graphite electrode and nipple are made by three times impregnation and four times baking, the material of graphite electrode for steel making is needle coke imported from Japan and USA.

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Graphite electrode is a conductive material for smelting iron and steel, brown corundum, metal silicon and so on in electric furnace. Circuit steelmaking.
HP graphite electrode is mainly used for ultra high power electric arc furnaces with the current density range of 18-25A/cm2.

Anti-oxidation treatment for longevity.
High-purity,high-density,strong chemical stability.
High machining accuracy,good surface finishing.
High mechanical strength,low electrical resistance.
Resistant to cracking & spalling.
High resistance to oxidation and thermal shock.
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